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Increíble ver las opiniones de Sitelock de otros clientes. Mi caso es el siguiente. El lunes mi web es infectada *** un malware, mi servidor no se hace responsable y me remite a Sitelock para arregarlo (si tu servidor o hosting hace esto cámbiate de servidor porque probablemente también esté en el ajo del timo), en cuanto contactas *** Sitelock te llaman de inmediato, sólo en inglés, un tal James de Arizona te mete miedo en el cuerpo y empieza a... Read more

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Sitelock has been repeatedly trying to get me to sign up for their services by saying that my site has malware. I publicly denied their request on twitter, and now they are reporting all of my sites as "Badware" on . Even my sites with no files in them is being reported. I also believe that Sitelock is actually hacking my sites. They are partnered with Hostgator (my host) and I had a security firm secure my sites. The security... Read more

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Sitelock is such a mess when I first started with this company everything seem good. Managers were great, than things changed. It seems like Blake the Vice President of this company changed the policy quite bit. I used to do support with them. For the experience we have I felt as we were getting underpaid. Everyone who has left Sitelock and can say they have left due to blakes actions. He is so interested in the young girls and changing the... Read more

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The company is a total scam, bordering on Fraud. Once they get you as a customer, it will take a miracle to cancel or downgrade the service- they get you locked in for 6 month at a time, auto renew - you will spend days trying to track down an account manager. This company must be investigated for fraud and deceptive practices. Customer service is great to get you to buy more services, God forbid you are trying to discontinue any of the... Read more

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Sketchy business! My site got compromised so I got the Sitelock911. After Sitelock911, the site's function was damaged. Of course their job was to delete all the malware they find, who cares if your site will look like a mess afterward. I called in to talk to an agent, and he was trying to get me to buy their maintenance plan where they would fix the damaged files for me, for $100/month for 6-12 months for one single website. I figured I'd... Read more

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Malware infected my site. I called GODADDY without checking further (I should have) and ordered SITELOCK one time clear your malware. $199. The guy at GoDaddy didn't seem to be familiar with the product but went through the steps to set it up. This took a long time because he couldn't seem to get a valid password through. Finally he says set to go, will be cleared in 3hours. Next day email from SITELOCK computer--we couldn't do it. Call GODADDY... Read more

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i recently called sitelock. I called them last year and kept in touch with a agent. when hostgator advised me my websites were hacked i called the agent (not saying his name because this company will fire him) to help. it is crazy how much money this company wants to protect sites. He told me to protect about roughly 11 websites i was looking at $360 monthly. before i used to pay for full protection but i stopped services once i had a... Read more

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So. I was with netfirms when they were an independently owned company; then, my understanding is that they were bought out by EIG which is the owner of sitelock. AND THEN, after 10 years of service, starting December 2015; I started getting lockout of my hosting account and they asked me to subscribe to sitelock. So, I've been a sitelock customer for the last 8 months. They have phoned me 3 times to try and upsell me and apparently, didn't... Read more

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I have an account with hostmonster and suddenly out of the blue I receive an email saying that there is malware found on my account. If this was true then a simple copy of the scanned file would show me where the malware is located. However this time hostmonster were not willing to tell me where I could find the malware, would not let me run my own scans and simply transferred me to Sitelock. They offered no help or information only a sales plan... Read more

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Horrible tactics, Invent malware and threats, send threatening emails, and follow it all up by phone calls. They want you to pay them a monthly fee and they threaten your web site - i.e. your business, if you do not comply. . What a scam... They basically FORCE you to pay them money or else your site will be suspended. IPAGE is an accomplice to this by allowing Sitelock to do operate the way they do. It is worth investigating other web hosting... Read more

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