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Can someone please take the initiative to file a suit against these guys? I have evidence that they contacted me, phone records and emails. I believe they hacked all of my web domains as well. I don't have the resources to initiate this by myself but would like to be of assistance.

They typically called me from an 877 area code

I called them initially and I believe they called be back from a call centre at this number:

877-477-5*** (i dont think this is a personal number but incase I dont want to be held liable in case)

This was an email sent from Hostgator that initiated the entire fiasco:

Start Email


Dear Your name here,

We've recently collaborated with our longtime security partner, SiteLock, to help you -- our valued customer -- add even more protection to your web presence! Website security is something we take very seriously at HostGator. For that reason, as part of your hosting package we'll be including a basic malware scan for your domains that don't currently have SiteLock, free of charge.

This scan will identify known malware and acts as a simple "alarm system" by sending you an email alert as soon as something malicious has been detected, giving you time to react prior to being blacklisted by search engines.

To provide more information on this scan, and to address any concerns you may have about its legitimacy, we've created this article, which offers additional details. For other ways to secure your website, please feel free to reach out to our trusted security advisors at 877-563-2849 today.

Best Wishes,

The HostGator Team

*HostGator does not guarantee SiteLock scan results.

End Email


Do you see the part in the email where Hostgator distanced themselves from Sitelock?

They also have ALL of our personal information, you automatically have an account signed up with them when you sign up with hostgator.

I've went into my "sitelock" account which I didn't even know I had and there's a form with all my personal information pre populated. I only knew I had an account because the rep that called me had me reset my password (I was previously unable to access it if I recall correctly)

I will not update my webdomains and I recommend anyone else effected by sitelock do the same. If we get a class action lawsuit against these guys we will need proof. Some of you guys have diagnostic logs indicating you saw an attack from their ips, keep these logs. Also Im guessing these hackers are amateurs, probably attacked everyone with the same malware, this means if we can link all these cases together in court if 1 case goes through. Of course now that they know, they'll just change strategies. I'm going to take all my sites offline so they dont have access to my servers, I'll still have the code in my possession which they won't be able to alter.

Anyone know if we can rope in Hostgator as well for allowing this to happen? or does their asterisk alleviate them from any responsibility?

I will keep the name of the individual who called me private for now.

This reviewer shared experience about "hacked my domain" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $5000. link2016 is overall dissatisfied with Sitelock and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about sitelock plan at Sitelock was misrepresentation, no security and poor service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Sitelock.

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Unitedweb may own both sitelock and endurance international - this is a connection they lie about.


I've just contacted an attorney to find out how to start a class action suit against FatCow over fraudulent pricing. Hopefully, I can get this it off the ground and get some justice or, at least, let them know that they can't get away with scamming people.

to Teepeez Monmouth, Oregon, United States #1302491

We need to do something about Site Lock. They are extremely deceptive in support and advertising practices. There should be laws to protect the consumers, and we need to enforce those laws. is my email.

Gadsden, Alabama, United States #1250941

I'm in on this lawsuit if it ever happens.This is a huge scam that Sitelock is running with Fatcow, Hostgator, and Ipage.

I have asked them REPEATEDLY to not scan my sites and to not contact me but they keep on doing it.

They identify malware when there is none there and then they close my sites down, saying only Sitelock can help me.It's bogus.

Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, Canada #1183156

Sitelock contacted me and funny enough...after I told them that I was not interested in their services did all my sites get infected.


We had the same issue with another Endurance International Group (EIG) hosting provider.However, our account was totally empty of all files!

We received an email from SiteLock stating they found malicious code on our website.

Interesting as there weren't any files.We had already moved our websites to another hosting provider.

to Anonymous #1299618


We have dealt with this practice already for months.I've been trying to get some security advice on how to make a proof of statement upon the scam and in Stackexchange they block my questions even comming to the point to assure the company isn't making a fraud on me when all the proof pints in the same direction.

To recall the case, we have a domain that isn't registered anymore (for almost a year) which has no folder anymore in the public_html folder (we've deleted it) and it keeps reappearing with "malware files" inside.


tell (and why) would a malware procedure get to that point without participation of the hosting company?

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