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My website is hosted at bluehost. I got an email from sitelock about a malware and my account was instantly deactivated.

I logged in to the live chat asking for Security, then I got a call from a weird dude from SITELOCK.

This guy started asking me how much money I make from that website, and tried to convince me to pay +$700 a year to have the malware removed and some firewall installed.

After I repeatedly told him I have no money to invest in that BLOG, he actually told me:

"Use someone else's money. Just use a credit card."

Every time I told him that I just needed to remove the malware, he would try to scare me saying that it wont work, they will come back, hiring SiteLock is the ONLY way.

I felt creeped out and hung up.

After some google searches I realized those guys are a scam.

Went to the live chat again and asked to speak with customer support.

A Bluehost guy told me that all I had to do was delete 3 files on the file manager and the account would be reactivated.

I did that in 3 minutes and solved the problem.

Sitelock is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sitelock Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is exactly what happened to me and they are attacking me again right now for domain that I don't own for years now. Sometimes they insert themselves as bluehost customer support.

They are scammers. I paid, I forgot how much but the sum was biting.

Then, I made stink throughout bluehost and they returned my payment and I was able to remove 1 file from my directory and that was it. Now, they started to send me ominous emails again but for domain that I don't own and don't care.


This holds no real basis, as all of these comments could easily be from competitors to SiteLock....


They basically extorted money from me, in the middle of a marketing campaign I realized my website didn't work. Called Blue Host and they said that the site had been compromised.

So they transferred me to SiteLock, obviously they get a kick back. They want to charge $50 per month per site to monitor, I told them this is just a one page site that I just made WTF?!?! I had to pay them to get the site back up, did not have time to deal with it. All these people are now clicking to go to a non-working website so I had to pay them whatever I had to.

They told me I could get out of the contract within three months, that was a lie. They want to lock you in for a year! I then read reviews, they are a SCAM!! Blue Host and Host Gator apparently are both doing this, if Blue Host is going to refer their clients to this SCAM of a company I said the *** with Blue Host.

I moved all my websites and domains to SiteGround, they have been great! So I canceled my credit card, then started transferring everything. Site Lock immediately called me and then tried to hit my credit card again, well before any payments were due!! Screw them, and on top of it I am still getting "complimentary reports" from SiteLock saying my website is being compromised, hello, I MOVED THEM ALL.

They have no access to my websites any longer and they are working just fine!! They suck, if your website goes down call Blue Host and ask them to help you locate the files that are affecting your website that you do not want to work with SiteLock.

Then if they give you issues like they did me, cause I did ask Blue Host to help remove the files but they were reluctant to do so. I say move all your stuff away, cancel your Blue Host account and above all, stay away from SiteLock!!


you are right dude. they are scam....


Had similiar experince - host gator locked account for issues, recommend site lock, they quoted, then prince with 10X higher during night when pron was redicrting after they took control. Beware


I experienced a similar episode with BlueHost. Quite frankly, I think hosting companies are far too aggressively focused on upselling services that in my experience are highly questionable or in many cases the representatives providing support aren't adequately trained.


My hosting company offers a package with some basic Sitelock features which doesn't cost much. All along I was under the impression that my website was secure via the hosting company and the added Sitelock bonus.

I then noticed a loss of functionality in my site in which someone changed a couple of permalinks. I didn't view that as malicious malware but as suspicious. I fixed the issue, reported it to the hosting company and within a week a get a call from Sitelock telling me something is not configured properly. This is after having this for a few years.

The reason sounded flaky, the Sitelock representative tried to hard sell me as if my site was in mortal danger.

Hosting sites make a lot of money because of the high fees associated with Sitelock. I can't say with absolute certainty that there is a real pressing need for this service, but my gut feel tells me it's not worth the money.

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