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Sitelock is a joke. The sooner people realize that these agents are being forced to meet their monthly goal.

These "managers" say they don't micro manage you but man do they take the title. Every day your being reminded you need to have money on the board. Of course the managers are going to be up your *** because if the team doesn't hit goal neither do they. I am currently working for them and looking for another employment.

Agents typically don't last here for 2 years. Just how quickly they leave they replace them. And since no one is willing to say it PLEASE GET A NEW FUCKKNG TRAINER. Brooke shill is horrible.

She doesn't know the answers and when you ask a question she wants to get upset. I heard hat sucked at sales I seen the last time she was on the phone he poor girl made $700 for a goal being $3000 don't know why she was chosen to train. It's like the blind leading the blind. I think the new hire class should get like a voice and rate the training.

This whole company is a scam. No matter how many times they try to promote Sitelock all these agents do is report sites to google and keep emailing and calling you until you spend money. I said it because this is how I make my commission each month.

I would confront Blake man to man but unfortunately he'll fire me on the spot because he can't take criticism or any feedback. So lesson here is DONT BUY IT WORK HERE

Product or Service Mentioned: Sitelock Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I lost brain cells reading this


Lol this is like putting together a puzzle with only some of the pieces missing.

Maricopa, Arizona, United States #1259688

I just need to point out that the spelling and grammar in this review is just awful! It just devaluates any point you are trying to make.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1264363

Trust me they probably learned from the trainer herself. Take a look at her spelling and grammar.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Toodles.

to Anonymous Maricopa, Arizona, United States #1273002

Did she write the review herself? That would make sense if she did, because it's truly awful grammar and spelling.

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